I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support since installing the new hardware and software. Your company’s expertise in the area of computer hardware installation and software knowledge guided us through a difficult period of adjustment.

The quality of hardware that you installed has stood up the rigors of the office environment without downtime. In the future we will have no hesitation to purchase hardware, software, and support from your company.

Thank you very much for the effort and the continued concern on how we are doing.

Jeff M., Senior Accountant , (Mississauga, Ontario)

I recently worked with a company, headquartered in the US that has three manufacturing facilities one of which is located in Brampton. In the course of the project I had to deal with communications providers and hardware/software suppliers local to each site.

While I did not have any significant problems at any locations I was very impressed with the performance and cost effectiveness of LOGIX. I received proposals from three organizations for the communications line, in-house hardware and software, ISP service, and on-going support. Of the three proposals the one from LOGIX met or exceeded our needs in each area and was the lowest cost.

All aspects of the project were installed and operational per the schedule promised and their on-going support has been excellent.

I would like to thank all of the folks at LOGIX and if the opportunity should arise in the future I would certainly look to them for assistance.

Ed N., (Jonesboro, Arizona)

A measure of the level of commitment to service offered by LOGIX is the best illustrated by a problem that arose when we changed our order entry system. LOGIX was responsible for the communications portion and re-configuration of existing hardware on the project. When the new system was first brought online, the increased power required combined with seasonal sales increases rendered our existing computer too slow. At the time Robert Baird was on site and witnessed the low order volume. Within 48 hours Mr. Baird, at his own expense, had delivered and installed a solution to which restored through put capability to required levels. This level of service shows the concern and understanding LOGIX brings to its clients’ needs. I can unreservedly recommend LOGIX products and services to other users.

Peter D., President, (Montreal, Quebec)

During the past 20 years we have had many dealings with LOGIX Data Products, all of which have had very positive outcomes. We have found the company to be very reliable, with excellent service, and superior products. For these reasons, we highly recommend LOGIX.

Sam P., (Scarborough, Ontario)