Single IP Failover Redundancy

Redundancy for Reliability

With Broadband Multi-link Technology you don’t have to worry about dropped or degraded internet service.

Combine connection types to eliminate dropped service

Benefits of Single IP Failover Redundancy


Multiple internet sources for added reliability and remain connected during a circuit outage

Any Connection

Use any available connection type whether it's DSL, Cable, Fibre, Cellular or Wireless

Faster speeds

Combine the speed of multiple broadband connections for faster internet speeds

How it Works

Single IP failover redundancy combines multiple types of available internet circuits to provide a failsafe in the event your internet connection is lost.

Single IP Failover Redundancy

For example, if your business location has access to DSL, Cable and Wireless internet types, you can run all three connections simultaneously. That way if one of the connection types has an outage or experiences a decrease in quality, your connection will continue operating with a single IP address. The more lines you add, the more reliable your connection will be.

This opens up opportunities that would otherwise not be available to your business such as integrating VoIP, cloud storage and backups, video conferencing and other IP reliant applications within your network infrastructure.

Call-One’s Broadband Multi-link Technology (or BMT™) gives your business the option to side-step poor connections and continue to run without interruption should a network fail. With a 99.999% uptime, we can help give you the confidence to run your business over IP.

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