Intelligent Printer Interface

LOGIX Intelligent Printer Interface

Intelligent Printer Interface

The LOGIX Board Intelligent Printer Interface (IPI) provides a complete printing solution to remote locations where control and reliability are critical.

With our technology, you can achieve combination of unparalleled, affordable, high-volume and ultra-reliable remote printing capabilities. Our intuitive design makes deployment exceptionally quick and easy, and eliminates the frustration of lost remote print jobs.

Whether your goal is to improve reliability or reduce costs, you can select the right features and options to meet your specific requirements.

LOGIX IT engineers optimize your network for maximum reliability.

LOGIX Intelligent Printer Interface
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Call Centre Remote Printing

How it Works

Recommended for companies that process orders at a central location, then have them print at a remote location(s).

  1. A client contacts your call centre and places an order.
  2. The call centre processes the order at a central location.
  3. The call centre sends the order to the printer of the location that will fulfill the order.
  4. The order prints at the remote location.

Whether you are in the rush of your busiest food delivery hour or juggling multiple flower deliveries for Mother’s Day – the LOGIX IPI will print your orders faster, easier and more reliably than any other remote printing option.

Technical Features

The LOGIX Intelligent Printer Interface features a Zilog® 20 MHz processor-based PC architecture with solid-state design (no moving parts), protected OS kernel and 256K of non-volatile RAM.

Key Features:

  • Installs internally into an OKI® ML18x Series Printer
  • Does not require separate or external power source
  • User Installable in minutes
  • Easy access 8 position dip switch allows simple access to user configurable options: Baud, Bits, Parity, Protocol and Print Options
  • Serial interface uses standard PC serial interface pin-out, requires only a standard 25M-F modem cable
  • Large 32K byte, non-volatile RAM drive to prevent data loss

The LOGIX Intelligent Printer Interface (IPI) has a specialized simple to use protocol that allows the printer status to be polled from the master location. The LOGIX IPI is designed to operate as an appliance, requiring no special skills or training for enhanced ease of operation. Flexible options and an array of special features make it easy to lower the cost of connectivity in a variety of solutions.

The IPI is interoperable with solutions supporting both LxIP and the older industry protocols. Therefore customers have the flexibility of choosing the protocol they wish to use.

LOGIX Board: Intelligent Printing
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